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Who sells the cheapest GTX3071R..... Probably one of the most searched phrases when looking for a Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo online.  There have been little alternatives for a quality budget GTX2860RS, GTX3071R or indeed any of the GTX style Turbochargers....... Until now!


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Pulsar Turbo offer a quality produced performance ball bearing Turbocharger at a cost effective price.  Pulsar Turbo are fast becoming a player in the Performance Turbocharger market.



By purchasing your Pulsar Turbo ball bearing turbo from Turbo Rebuild, you can be sure you will pay only the price you see. All units come high speed balanced ready to fit with full install kits and a full VAT invoice.  No import charges, no duty charges, no handling charges (Applies to UK customers only).....

If you are in the market for a Performance Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger and don't have the budget for a Garrett GTX unit, then Pulsar Turbo GTX units are perfect for your needs!

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