Add To Your WishlistEnhanced Turbo Vauxhall Astra VXR Z20 LEH 2.0l Petrol Turbo K06 Hybrid Turbocharger 5304-998-0049

Add To Your WishlistEnhanced Turbo Vauxhall Astra VXR Z20 LEH 2.0l Petrol Turbo K06 Hybrid Turbocharger 5304-998-0049

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Enhanced Turbo Vauxhall Astra VXR Z20 LEH 2.0l Petrol Turbo K06 Hybrid Turbocharger 5304-998-0049

  • Description
    This listing is for a BRAND NEW Stage 3 K06 Hybrid Turbo to fit the 2.0l Turbo Vauxhall Engines (Z20LEH, Z20LET, Z20LEL) which has been upgraded from a standard, genuine OE, brand new turbocharger.
    This unit begins life as a GENUINE OE Astra VXR Turbocharger which comes direct from the OE Manufacturer. Upon arrival, the unit is stripped by one of our in-house technicians before the upgrades begin. 
    The bearing system is fully upgraded with our large pad thrust assembly. This is over 20% larger than the original and has enlarged oil galleries to support the extra load in tuned applications.
    For applications where vehicles have had decat fitted or full aftermarket exhausts fitted, we upgrade the rear oil seal to a "Total Closure" style seal which prevents oil blow by in high boost applications.
    The compressor wheel is replaced with our huge 65mm 11 blade GTX style billet lightweight performance wheel. With a super small nose, and extended tips, this wheel maximises the airflow to give the most power possible.
    The turbine wheel is replaced with our Hi-Flow 9 blade option. This wheel is designed in-house and is taller than the original and also made to reduce excessive back pressure which on this application is a big issue due to the restrictive manifold. To ensure the highest possible flow potential, the turbine blades are also cut back resulting in the highest flowing turbine on the market.
    The turbo CHRA, once built, is precision balanced to motorsport tolerances, far stricter than the OE unit to ensure the most reliable hybrid on the market.
    Finally, the compressor housing is professionally CNC machined to accept the larger compressor wheel.
    • Genuine 5304-970-0049 Turbocharger (complete)
    • 65mm Lightweight performance billet compressor wheel (including Increased Inducer Efficiency "IIE" and Extended Exducer Technology "EET"
    • Hi-Flow Tall 9 Blade Turbine Wheel inc Cut Back Blades
    • Heavy Duty Uprated 360 degree Thrust Bearing inc Large Pad Thrust and Ported Galleries
    • Heavy Duty Uprated Thrust Collar (20% larger than OE)
    • High Temperature Total Closure Rear Oil Seal
    • Maximum boost limit - 26psi
    • Max Power 340-350bhp (Upgraded Actuator, and Recirc required together with other supporting modifications)
    *The OE Manifold is very restrictive in tuned applications. Porting of the manifold and wastegate port can be very beneficial to improve air flow and give more power. 

    • Complete Upgraded K06 Hybrid Turbocharger inc Manifold
    • Standard Recirc Valve (Upgrade option available £120)
    • Standard Actuator (Upgrade option available £130)
    • Water Pipes
    • Multi layer Manifold Gasket
    • Oil Drain Gasket
    • Copper Washer


    5304-970-0049, 53049700049

    5304-980-0049, 53049800049

    5304-988-0049, 53049880049 

    5304-998-0049, 53049980049



    Although this unit is a direct fit to the Z20LEH, Z20LET and Z20LER engines fitted in the VXR and GSi Astra, Zafira and Coupe, you MUST have the engine remapped professionally to ensure the vehicle is fuelling correctly. If this is not undertaken your engine will run lean, causing damage to turbocharger and/or engine.