HPT Turbocharger

HPT Turbocharger

HPT Turbocharger UK supplier

Turbo Rebuild Limited are proud to be one of only a small selection of suppliers of HPT Turbochargers in the UK today.

HPT Turbocharger are race winning, industry leading, manufacturer of high performance dual ceramic ball bearing Turbochargers designed to out perform EVERY competitor in the market.

To achieve this status involves huge amounts of research and design, and with many years experience in performance ball bearing Turbocharger, there is no better company to make this dream a reality.

HPT may seem a new name in the Turbocharger industry to many, however Harry Hruska, the man behind the brand is the very man who took his previous business “Precision Turbo and Engine” to become a household name, and the go to company for the best performance ball bearing Turbocharger available.

After selling the business, the bug kept biting and with many ideas to further improve performance turbocharger design, HPT Turbocharger was born and these ideas and designs are coming to life!

Take a listen to Harry, his journey and the future of HPT Turbocharger below :-)

2 Year Warranty on all HPT Turbocharger

UK based and ready to get involved in the HPT Turbocharger revolution?

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