Add To Your WishlistGenuine Melett UK Turbo Core Garrett VW Touareg Transporter 2.5 TDI GTA2056V 716885 720931

Add To Your WishlistGenuine Melett UK Turbo Core Garrett VW Touareg Transporter 2.5 TDI GTA2056V 716885 720931

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Genuine Melett UK Turbo Core Garrett VW Touareg Transporter 2.5 TDI GTA2056V 716885 720931

  • Description

    MAKE:            AFTERMARKET

    QUALITY :      OE


    OE PART No: -



    716885-0001                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    Touareg
    716885-0002                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    Touareg
    716885-0003                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    Touareg
    716885-0004                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    Touareg
    716885-0005                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    Touareg
    720931-0001                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    T5 Transporter
    720931-0002                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    T5 Transporter
    720931-0003                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    T5 Transporter
    720931-0004                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    T5 Transporter
    720931-0005                      GTA2056V     Volkswagen    T5 Transporter

    Vehicle OE No:
    070145701HV244, 070145701HV250, 070145701HV246, 070145701JV244, 070145701JV246, 070145701JV250, 070145702AV100, 070145702BV100

    Engine Code:

    Other reference numbers:
    716885-1, 716885-5001, 716885-5001S
    716885-2, 716885-5002, 716885-5002S
    716885-3, 716885-5003, 716885-5003S
    716885-4, 716885-5004, 716885-5004S
    716885-5, 716885-5005, 716885-5005S
    720931-1, 720931-5001, 720931-5001S
    720931-2, 720931-5002, 720931-5002S
    720931-3, 720931-5003, 720931-5003S
    720931-4, 720931-5004, 720931-5004S
    720931-5, 720931-5005, 720931-5005S


    This Melett turbocharger CHRA is one of the highest quality cartridges on the market today.

    All our turbo cartridges begin life in component form made from the highest quality materials available. All individual parts are precision balanced and finished prior to being assembled with high quality bearings and seals. Once this is complete, it is high-speed trim balanced (or VSR balanced as also known) to ensure that not only is it within OE specification for vibration, but also that is not noisy and there are no oil leaks. To complete the process, all data is stored and the unit given its own serial number before a detailed calibration certificate is printed for your own peace of mind (sent on request).

    Any units that are known to be damaged from common engine issues come complete with 'Vital Instructions' of work that must be done to the engine prior to fitting, and all units also include a fitting recommendation sheet to ensure you have many years of hassle free motoring.

    Melett turbocharger CHRA/cartridges come with 12 months warranty against faulty parts and poor workmanship.

    On variable vane units, we advise the nozzle ring is calibrated to ensure correct running.

    All turbocharger manufacturers names, logos and part numbers are for identification purposes and cross referencing only and do not imply the part is a genuine part made by said manufacturer unless specifically stated.  Although we make every effort to ensure all information is correct, we cannot be held responsible for errors and advise you ensure part is correct for your needs.