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Hybrid Turbochargers...... Billet Wheels.......... GAINS!!

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The word Hybrid in the Turbocharger world is rather a minefield.  A Hybrid by definition is simply something using different parts rather than the original to improve the design.  In Turbochargers this can be simply stronger bearings, larger wheels, lighter wheels, or even stock wheels that have been modified.  In the early days Turbocharger companies put Hybrid Turbochargers into stages.

Stage 1 = Upgraded bearings and seals, Standard Compressor setup, Standard Turbine Setup

Stage 2 = As above but also modified compressor eg Improved wheel, different housing a/r etc or multiple changes to the Compressor design

Stage 3 = As above but also modified Turbine eg Cutback or larger turbine wheel, larger A/R etc or multiple changes to the Turbine design


categorising made upgrades much easier to understand and explain.  categorising stages of upgrade then following into engine tuning confusing the matter as a Stage 3 Turbo is not required for a Stage 3 map etc.  This coupled with Billet compressors, different blade configurations and designs has made things harder still.

Turbo technology and engine tuning has moved on leaps and bounds in recent times with all tuners and mappers wanting to be "The Best" and their cars to be "The Fastest"  Cars are mapped to within an inch of their life and Turbos too feel the brunt of this.  Power claims can at time seem rather optimistic to say the least.  This further makes building upgrade Turbos harder.


Just because "Dave" made 300BHP on his standard Turbo doesnt mean the Turbo is rated to 300BHP, chances are the cars boosting far outside of its advised operating conditions and Dave is fitting a new Turbo every few months (if he's lucky)


Its vital to fit a Turbo with a RATING to the power you want to achieve, not the Maximum physical power it can flow.  Hybrid ratings can seem low and as such may not seem worth the money, but the fact is, the unit will provide the power rating without stressing the Turbo and will last years rather than weeks/months!