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What do I get for my Money?

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The Turbo reconditioning industry has become a minefield over the last 2 years or so.

With the arrival of Turbo Cartridges (CHRAs) and Turbo parts to Ebay and alike, it has given people the opportunity to get their hands dirty.  Sadly, it has also led to some people jumping on the band wagon and becoming a "Professional Reconditioner"  These companies often have no vital equipment to ensure correct procedures are undertaken and many cannot be tested for operation and dispatched "hoping" the unit will be ok.  The whole situation has futher worsened by the large increase in Chinese CHRA where the quality is in some cases shocking.  From being built with unfinished components, unbalanced and even supplying with a mass photocopied balancing certificate, its scary what people are letting themselves in for.  Being covered by warranty is little to be reasurred by either being the manufacturer is in china and not only will they not be forced to abide by uk sales of goods laws etc, the return carriage cost will in many cases outweigh the price of the unit!.


At Turbo rebuild, each unit is upon arrival given a full external inspection with vital part numbers logging.  The unit is then fully stripped to component for and all the service items disposed of. WE NEVER REUSE BEARINGS OR SEALS!.  All remaining parts are bathed in solvent and then chemically cleaned in our ultrasonic bath to remove all oil and carbon build up.  A detailed part inspection is then undertaken with all dimensions and clearances checked against OE specifications.  Any part outside of specification is disposed of and noted for replacment.  We then compile a detailed qoute and open a build list for your unit.


Following contact with yourself and assuming you are happy with your quote, we then proceed to complete cleaning including polishing to the Turbos Turbine shaft and  relevent extras like hydro dipping, powdercoating etc are completed.


The rebuild then commences including cleaning and repainting of the Turbos actuator.  Even new components are washed and polished where required to ensure no containation enters the freshly built unit. The complete rotating assembly is ran up on our dynamic balancer to ensure low speed vibration is not found and that the rotor is true without defects.  All parts are assembled in a complete working cartridge, and torqued to OE specification before vital clearance checks are undertaken.  Once the working internal cartridge (CHRA) is complete, it is then fitted to our VSR rig.  This machine has the ability to drive the Turbo cartridge up to 300,000rpm.  This allows us to make futher adjustments to the balance of the cartridge, check for oil leaks and any noise issue.


Assuming all is well, the oil ports are plugged to prevent contamination and the cartridge then assembled back into the housings.


The completed assembly finally has the actuator calibrated to OE spec and tested to ensure base pressure and maximum pressure is correct and the travel between the two is smooth.  VNT units are also fitted to our flow bence and the air flow corrected at various operation points.


Finally all paperwork is logged and customer copies printed for packing.


We are pretty sure you will agree..... thats a lot of work for the money, maybe the "cheap" reconditioners do the bare minimum?


We will never compromise on the work we do or the parts we use to cut corners or cost.... after over 15 years in Turbos, we know whats best!