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Welcome to Turbo Rebuild!

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Firstly, thankyou for visiting our website.

Turbo Rebuild have been trading officially since 1998.  Back then, we were trading as RADesigns (Recycled Air Designs) and were a sole ownership company by myself Danny.  Over the years the company grew at a steady speed and we began to become a well respected Turbo reconditioner as well as a supplier of New OE replacment Turbochargers and Turbo spare parts.  After many potential customers putting the phone down on our answer or replying "sorry I was looking for the Turbo people" it was soon realised that the name RADesigns wasnt a name that people related to Turbochargers.  This was the beginning of Turbo Rebuild..... after all, thats how we had to answer the phone!


By the early 2000s, we had caused quite a stir in the Turbocharger industry by slashing the cost of Turbochargers by only charging the customer for what the Turbocharger actually required to get back to good working order rather than charging for complete new internals.


Around 2010 and we our company growth meant we had to enrol in the VAT service and shortly after we registered as a Limited company.... Turbo Rebuild Limited to be precise.


So who are we?  

We are a true family company.  Myself and my wife Lyndzey being directors.  Lyndzey is solely in charge of accounts, whilst with the company being my baby, Im involved in everything daily.  Also employed at Turbo Rebuild is my best friend and father Clive.  Clive is mainly workshop assembly and quality control as well as a stock picker.  Also in teh workshop is Dale, or "Chip".  Chip is a close friend who I have worked with as far back as 2003 and is possibly one of the biggest sticklers ive met.... which in this industry is a good thing!  Up in the office we have my mother Marilyn.  Marilyn is in charge of website sales and dispatch together with payrole.  Finally we have Lyndzeys sister Larni.  Larni is our little hero and has single handedly listed every product to our databases, website and continues to update products, Ebay and similar.