About Us

Turbo Rebuild was born in 1998 after personal experience of how the turbocharger industry worked as a paying customer.

After a Brand New Genuine turbocharger was strapped to a standard production car after being stood in the garage for 12 months on the "To Do" list and subsequently developing an oil leak, a repair or service was the required solution. After calls to many turbocharger companies, a recurring theme became apparent... Quotes of repair were that of a full recondition, even though this was a BRAND NEW UNIT! From that day, changing the way the industry worked was the plan and Turbo Rebuild was born.

Our plan was simple:

1) Offer the customer advice on their problem, causes and remedies.

2) Supply a pre-inspection quotation with minimum and maximum price.

3) Give customer choices of new, exchange reconditioned unit, or own unit repair.

4) Renew only the parts that need replacing on repairs.

5) Charge for only the work undertaken.


This caused a bit of a wave from our competitors as it meant that customers had the option on how they wanted to resolve their turbo issue and, more importantly, at a considerable saving to that of others.

As time has passed, we have continued to evolve. We began sourcing parts many others could not, with the hope that more units could continue to be reconditioned after OE parts had become obsolete. This increased the Turbo Rebuild name further and made us a company that supplied customers worldwide.  We are now offering turbocharger components for professionals and competent DIYers alike, to further drive down the cost of keeping you on the road.

To complement our supply of turbochargers, repairs, rebuilds and parts sales, we have a range of services to assist you in your pursuit to a working Turbocharger.  We offer:

Dynamic Rotor Balancing

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Variable vain cleaning

Turbocharger inspection


If you just want a new turbo and nothing more, then we can do that. In fact, we will buy your old unit!

No matter what, we will do anything within our powers to help you get back on the road!

Over the years we have been lucky enough to have built turbos for some stunning cars. 2013 saw us sponsor Christian Lewis in his first year in the Super Professional category of "The British Drift Championship". At short notice, we supplied the boost to help Christian complete a succesful season behind the wheel of his R33 Skyline and, through 2014, continued to do so by sponsoring the "It's a DRIFTlife" brand. 

Having a soft spot for the Sierra RS Cosworth, when asked about sponsoring John Murphy's 3 Door, we couldnt say no!

John is from over the pond in Ireland and is part of the Retrostock group who are seen at many track days, Time Attack and other events. Keep your eye out for John and visit Retrostock at http://retrostock.ie/

We are proud of the guys we sponsor and wish them all the luck in forthcoming competitions. If you have a genuine sponsorship request, drop us an email and we see if we can help out.

We are now in our new reconditioning centre (Home) and are fully operational once again.

Being purpose built, this will allow us to be more efficient in our processes, saving time and more importantly saving you money!

We are able to offer same day rebuilds to customer units if pre-booked and, as we settle in, will be able to offer more turbocharger services to get the very best from your turbocharger in the fastest time. You could say that we have turned up the boost!

Exciting times!! Thank you all for your continued support.

Turbo Reconditioning

Meet the Team

Danny Brown

Owner of Turbo Rebuild, Danny's experience of Turbochargers began in 1998. After having a childhood obsession with all things car related, 1998 was the beginning of the turbocharger love affair. Supercars were inaccessible to the working class bloke and definitely not something someone under 20 could insure, let alone buy. At the time, working at a sports car manufacturer, the sheer ignorance of sports car owners was all too apparent... Many of these owners had no interest in cars as a hobby but more of a fashion statement. Purchasing his first turbocharged hot-hatch (Phase 1 Renault 5 GT Turbo) which had just had a fresh rebuild and a few little mods, Danny began to close the gap between the "shopping car" and the "supercar". Eventually having a T3 running 20psi, started reeling in many a sports car, showing people what a simple air pump can do! From that point on, gaining experience from some well known tuning companies locally aswell as a few turbocharger companies, Danny finally bit the bullet and devoted his future to turbochargers...

Clive Brown

Clive's position originally was to head up the workshop, but since has moved to become an analyst and problem solver. Every rebuild that leaves Turbo Rebuild still has Clive's input. Clive is a perfectionist and will not let anything out of his sight until he's sure its perfect. He's never defeated and can can find a solution to any problem.

Lyndzey Brown

Linz is head honcho (we let her think anyway) and is in charge of not only the accounts department, but also stock control, and order processing. Linz knows every sale, what it was, and where it went...

Marilyn Brown

Marilyn is our all rounder and the mother hen.. dealing with accounts, sales, dispatch, website development and much more, its a wonder how she gets so much done in a day!


Scott joined the team in April 2015. Scott is one of our lead workshop technicians and has fast become a vital member of the team. If it involves anything "hands on" then Scott's your man!


Billy joined Turbo Rebuild when we moved to our new reconditioning centre in June 2016. Billy himself relocated from Buckinghamshire and is our all rounder who is happy to put his hand to anything the job requires.


Its hard to get Lauren to stay still for a photo! Lauren is permanently on development of our e-commerce platforms and joins us fresh from obtaining a degree from Lancaster university. Her adaptability, enthusiasm and confidence in her job has helped us keep moving forward as a company and improve every single day.

There we have it, a true family business that knows the meaning of providing a quality service with a smile and at a reasonable price.

So where is Turbo Rebuild?

Turbo Rebuild are based is the sleepy village of Preesall in Poulton Le Fylde Lancashire. Only a short drive from the better known Blackpool and Fleetwood, you could be forgiven for thinking this is our catchment area, but this couldnt be further from the truth. With our close working relationship with our chosen carriers, we are able to collect your turbo the same very day, meaning we are able to service not only Lancashire, but the whole of the UK, Europe, in fact, the WORLD!  We have customers in Africa, Australia, in fact we have had contact with more or less every country across the globe!